Friday, 2 May 2008

Emma going to re school in June

Emma starts pre school in June for 2 afternoons a week Tuesday and Thursday at the Bracebridge community centre which is at the bottom of our street. We took her down to have a look and put her name down and she loved it, she really did enjoy playing with nall the toys and been with all the other children

On Wednesday me and Emma went to a new playgroup, Stepping Stones which is also held at the community centre, we both had a great time and made a ladybird, we will definitly be going again

We took Emma for a picnic on tuesday at Doddington, she had a great time running around and looking at the horses, and on the way back we wemt to put her name down for pre school

So we have had quite a busy week

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

hello again

Hello again after a few days of not posting, its now the school holidays and Laura has got 2 weeks off school.

Yesterday Laura went to Swallow House for the night comming home this morning, tomorrow is car boot day, and the Capitol club for Laura in the evening. Then on Thursday we are going to look round Kirk House day centre for Laura (more about that after the visit)

On friday we are going into town, i need some picture frames, i also want a painting by numbers i would like to give that a go, then on saturday its the car boot again then doctor who (cant wait love doctor who).

We have been buying Emma Fisher Price Little People from the car boot, we have quite a collection now lol.

I forgot last sunday we were clearing the shed out and Emma was playing in the garden in her new play house, she loves it, she was also playing on her baby trampoline trying to jump up and down, then she was trying to help Martin clean the shed out, but her idea of helping was moving things from one place to another.

Ill post more later, bye for now

Sunday, 23 March 2008

A Very Quiet Easter

We havent done much for Easter too cold and snowy.

Laura got some dvds Ice age 2, Tommy Zoom and Josie and the Pussycats cartoon, Emma got some Easter eggs, and she loves them, in one of her Easter eggs was a cuddly Tigger which she loves too.

Today we have just been in all day, me and Emma have been watching Cbeebies and playing with her toys. Laura has just been watching her new dvds, a very quite day all round

Yesterday we went to the car boot at Torksey but it was really cold, hardly any stall there at all, not worth going really but if you dont go you dont get the bargains lol.

More posts soon bye for now

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Not a very good day today

This morning started off like any other day, got laura up showered dressed and off to school, saw to Emma dressed breakfast and things, then it was off to town.

In town Martin bought a new camera he wanted (well i bought it really, its a birthday present).Ater town we went to see some friends of ours.

When we got there Martin went to help his friend collect some glass, i stayed at their house with his partner and Emma, whe we got a phone call, they had driven into some mud when trying to turn the car (you can read all about this on Martins blog).

Problem was it was the afternoon and Laura finishes school at 3pm, by this time it was after 1pm, so when it got to 1.35pm i phoned Lauras school to get them to pass a message onto the transport to let them know we would not be in when they brought Laura home but would be there a few minutes after, as by this time everything was sorted.

We get home and Laura had not arrived home, i thought nothing about it as i had phoned school, when Laura arrived home tranport new nothing about the message and just thought we had not returned home, i was really upset as the main office had been contacted and it just looked like we hadnt come home, so i was really mad and it took me ages to calm down, we phoned the main office and let them know what had happened so at least we sorted it, not the greatest of days

On a brighter note i bought emma a load of farm animals today. Also Laura enjoyed her day trip to the Deep yesterday so thats good.

ok thats all for now, post again soon

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Family life

Yesterday evening Laura went to Swallow House respite care for the night, we picked her up this morning and took her into school, she then went on a day trip to the Deep in Hull.

Today we went to the car boot sale at Torksey, i didnt get anything but Martin got a coffee perculator for a £1.00, we allready have one, but this is a spare one for when we need it.

Tonight Laura went to the Capital Club, where she goes every Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm (this is a club for special needs adults), tonight was the Easter disco and they all got Easter eggs and everyone wore Easter bonnets, Laura had a good time.

Not done much else today just the usual cleaning and things, quite boring really lol.

Thats all for today, ill post again tommorrow. Bye for now.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Our dogs Toby and Zak

We have 2 dogs called Toby and Zak, they are so silly and lovable.

Toby is nearly 12 and Zak is nearly 10 but we think hes older as they are both rescue dogs

Here is a picture of Toby and Zak taken on our old sofa, Toby is the brown and white dog, and Zak is the black and white dog.

thats all for today, ill post tomorrow

All about Me and Martin

This post is all about Me and Martin (the best husband in the world).

Hi i am Mandy and i am 45 years old, and martin is almost 44 years old. We have been married for 4 years in June, we have been together nearly 8 years, We met on the internet and have been in Lincoln 5 years, and i have never looked back.

Martin is a big fan of Doctor Who and he collects the 5 inch figures, we have well over 70 now, I am also a fan too. We both like to listen to music, bands we like include Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan and we both like Punk too, I also like the Beatles and The Rolling stones, ELO and most other music, I also like Classical music too, Martins not too bothered but he does like Vivaldi and the New World Symphony, we are big fans of the tv show Family Guy, and Martin is a very big fan of films especially horror movies, and he loves Si-Fi tv, I am a big fan of the soaps, Martin hates them lol.

We both loves to be on our computers, and we both love the internet especially DDT which is a great site, and we have made lots of new friends on there.

More posts later, bye for now.